"Learning never ends..."

Continuing education is a most effective way to enrich our quality of life and deepen our understanding of our heritage. At Chabad Cayman we seek to make the teachings, values and traditions of the Jewish people accessible to all, with a deep and rich learning experience.

This is why we bring to you unique courses on Jewish thought of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

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"Read it in Hebrew" a Five Week Hebrew Reading Crash Course.


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Master Hebrew reading in 5 lessons.

$60 for the course

"Read It in Hebrew" is a new, cutting-edge five-week Hebrew reading crash course. The course builds on decades of Hebrew teaching experience, and updates it into an aesthetically pleasing experience, one which will allow you to reconnect with the language of our people - and heritage.


(Re)introduce the letters and vowels
"A Spark of Light" mystical insight of the shapes and sounds of the letters
State-of-the-art cards to polish and perfect your new-found skills


Weekly Shabbat Torah Study

Join us for our weekly Shabbat Torah study group after the morning minyan.

The Shabbat Morning Minyan provides a relaxed, intimate setting in which to learn how to participate in a traditional Shabbat morning service.

Explore the meaning of the prayers, the weekly Torah reading and traditional melodies. The ability to read Hebrew is not necessary.


 Torah and Tea - Weekly Women's Study Group

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Join other women for our bi-weekly Torah and Tea group.

We discuss relevant Torah topics through the lens of Kaballah over cups of steaming hot tea and munchies. 

Thursday evenings at 8:15 pm at the Beit Hillel Chabad House. Contact Rikal for more info.