About us 

our inspiration

Gan Eden Playschool is a garden of children learning and growing in our Cayman Islands paradise. Like a seed that grows and develops in the suns warm rays and soaking rains, our children blossom into beautiful flowers when showered with warm, love, and direction. Like saplings, our children are extremely impressionable in their formative years, thriving with mindful and careful education, for their experiences in early childhood provide the foundation of their future education.


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia school of thought, at Gan Eden Playschool, the children lead the learning process through productive play, social collaboration and exploration. Each child is encouraged to follow their natural curiosity to develop their unique talents and interests, and build confidence in a warm and nurturing environment.


As the Jewish Community of the Cayman Islands grows, young families are choosing to make the Cayman Islands their home. The Gan Eden Playschool seeks to fill the emerging need to provide our young children with positive learning and Jewish experiences to last them their lifetimes.