CTeen Club:

Monthly social gatherings of fantastic fun, fused with meaningful Jewish flavor!

Some upcoming activities to look forward to:
- Trips such as Laser Tag, Escape Room, Bowling, Open Gym & more!
- Kosherize a kitchen!
- Craft nights

JLI Teens:

A series of fascinating courses that provide high level learning and platform discuss & debate our ideas, thoughts, feelings & beliefs and discover how the wisdom of the Torah just makes so much sense! 

Upcoming Courses:

September - December 2022: Super Jew!
Confront issues such as anti-Semitism and assimilation, and embrace Jewish Pride in an era when our Jewish identity is increasingly challenged. 

May 2023 - Sticky Situations!

Discover the contemporary relevance of the Torah by discussing its application to "sticky situations" we encounter throughout life

Social Action:

Using our gifts and talents to help others and make the world a beautiful, brighter place.

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