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The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas territory located in the Western Caribbean region. It is an ideal business jurisdiction; sophisticated, stable, and strategically located only one hour flight from Miami and 3.5 hours from New York City. It is a wonderful and safe place to live, work and raise a family, and more recently it is the home of thriving and vibrant Jewish Community. 

What sets Cayman apart from the rest of the Caribbean is that it has a world-class infrastructure, excellent schools, medical facilities and every conceivable form of entertainment. Cayman offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle with over half of the residents being expatriates from around the globe.

The Cayman Islands have earned the ranking of the 6th largest global financial center and the world’s number one hedge fund jurisdiction, as well as a world-class vacation destination.  

History of the Cayman Jewish Community

Our roots:
The Jewish community of the Cayman Islands began to emerge in the 1970's as local Jews began to come together to study, worship, and support each other in the continuity of their Jewish heritage. "Harvey and Ruth" who were originally from Jamaica, lovingly hosted weekly Friday night gatherings in their home for many years. 

By the mid 2000's the local Jewish population had grown to necessitate organized High Holiday services, Communal Passover Seder's and formal instruction for Children. 

Local Lay-leaders reached out to Chabad-Lubavitch HQ and requested Chabad Shluchim be dispatched Cayman. A Chabad Center was subsequently established to serve the needs of the Jewish population and to lead the expansion of Jewish life on the Island and joining some 4,700 Chabad Centers located in over 100 countries around the globe.

Jewish Life in the Cayman Islands, Today! 

Under the dedicated Leadership of Rabbi Berel and Rebbetzin Rikal Pewzner, the Cayman Jewish Community has experienced remarkable growth over the past 10 years, with an estimated 800 Jewish persons now living permanently on the island, including many retirees, young professionals and families with dozen's of Young Children making for a incredibly vibrant community.

We enjoy a committed and diverse community that gathers together to celebrate individual and community Simchas, all Jewish holidays with great joy, weekly Shabbat services and Dinners at the Beit Hillel Chabad House (Dedicated in 2015) and to support each other in times of need.

In 2018 we inaugurated the new Chabad Cayman Jewish Community Center at 7 Mile Shops, the Cayman JCC serves as the home for all educational programs of the Community. including JUDA Enrichment (Ages 1-5), and the Weekly Cayman Hebrew School, CTEEN Club (ages 11-18), the Cayman Jewish Learning Institute Adult Education courses.

Community Services 

In addition to the programs listed above we also offer: One on one Study sessions on a topic of your Choice, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons, Hebrew Reading and weekly Women's Study group making for a quality Jewish educational experience for all.

We provide Counseling services, providing Menorah's Mezuzah and Teffilin and other ritual items, Judaica Shop, Marriage officiant services, Jewish Cemetery and Chevra Kadisha, Cayman Kosher Food Co-op for Passover and year round, Kosher Certification Agency as well as a Shabbat Meal service.

We are currently in the process of building the Cayman Mikvah and Eruv, thus ensuring that all needs of a Jewish Community are met.

Whether you are new on island or considering a move to Cayman, we welcome you to our lovely community, please feel free to reach out  drop us a line and join in for the many ongoing programs.

Come visit us at the Cayman Jewish Community Center at 7 Mile Shops!. 

Membership Vs Partnership 

Thanks to you, a thriving Jewish Community has emerged in the Cayman Islands.

Please help us sustain our growth and to continue to ensure a bright Jewish future in the Cayman Islands. Click here to partner with us. 

Unlike traditional synagogues, the Chabad Cayman Jewish Community does not require any annual membership dues, rather it is supported by local community members and caring people like you, who contribute regularly according to their ability to our annual operating budget, thus ensuring a welcoming and positive Jewish Experience for all.


We’re not content with our community’s achievements in the past—we want to ensure they continue into the future.

We want to guarantee that the programs and services we all enjoy today will be available for our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

The link between our achievements of the past and our vision into the future is in your hands. By leaving a legacy gift to the Chabad Cayman Living Legacy Project, you will plant a seed that will bear fruit for decades into the future.

Thank you! 

Rabbi Berel and Rikal Pewzner

Chabad Cayman Jewish Community Center 

The Jewish Community of the Cayman Islands.

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Rabbi Berel and Rikal Pewzner.