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An evening of Appreciation and Comedy
Please join us on Monday January 14th, 7:30 pm at the Cayman Jewish Community Center for an "EVENING OF APPRECIATION AND COMEDY" celebrating our shared accomplishments and blessings as a Cayman Jewish Community.

Enjoy an evening of great company, featuring Wines, Refreshments and performance by World Famous Comic, Rabbi Bob Alper who returns to Cayman with “The Spirituality of Laughter: A Jewish Look at the Holiness of Humor.”

The program explores humor in ancient and modern Jewish tradition, and considers why laughter has been such an integral part of Jewish culture - while averaging two genuine belly laughs per minute!

And the event will conclude with 20 or so of Bob’s favorite, 100% clean jokes!

7:30 - 9:30 pm on Monday January 14th.

Free admission, RSVP required, Suggested donation $25
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An evening of Appreciation and Comedy   Jan 14, 2019
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