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Cayman Hebrew School

Cayman Hebrew School


Cayman Hebrew School 2017-18

Welcome to Cayman Hebrew School!

At CHS, families of all affiliations and backgrounds feel comfortable and welcomed. Our school offers a warm and lively Jewish atmosphere where children attain an exciting awareness of their Jewish identity.

Cayman Hebrew School is divided into 4 age groups; Tot's- Kindergarten, Kindergarten - Grade 2, and Grade 3-4 Grades 5-6, so that the students in each age group can learn on their appropriate level.

Please contact us for the schedule of Cayman Hebrew School.
We know that your children are busy with many extra curricular activities after school, and we hope that the schedule of Hebrew School will work for you, as every child in our community is a gem and deserves a Jewish education.

Contact us for info regarding the curriculum, tuition cost and other necessary information.

To register & for more information please contact Mrs. Rikal Pewzner

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Looking forward to a great school year!

About CHS
Cayman Hebrew School is a place where children will Learn to read Hebrew with a new and exciting karate-style program called aleph champ in which students master the skill of reading Hebrew level-by-level.

You can find out more about it at

· Experience the joy of Jewish holidays, and traditions and knowledge through games, hands on activities and projects.

Our goal is that students should be left with a deeply rooted pride and affection for their heritage, people and the land of Israel.

*Stay tuned for programs geared for pre-school aged children!

For more information please contact us.